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Class 3

Our topic this Summer term asks the question "Why were Norman castles certainly not bouncy?" Using the method of inquiry-based learning we will be finding the answers to the following questions

  • Why did the Normans build so many castles?
  • Who was William the Conqueror and why is 1066 a famous date in British history?
  • How do we know what happened in 1066?
  • What do we know about a Motte and Bailey castle?
  • What is the Domesday book?
  • What changed in Britain as a result of the Norman conquest?


In Science, our topic question for the summer term is 'How would we survive without water?' We will answering the following questions;

  • how can we classify solids, liquids and gases?
  • how do we measure temperature and how does temperature vary?
  • how can water be a solid, liquid and gas?
  • which other materials change when they are heated or cooled?
  • where do puddles on the playground disappear to?
  • why do some windows steam up?

Class Organisation

Miss N. Hill (Class Teacher - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday AM)

Mrs C. Green (Class Teacher - Wednesday PM/Thursday/Friday)


Our Weekly Timetable

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(alternate weeks)










Knowledge mats will help your child to retain the "sticky knowledge" about our topic. They will be given fun quizzes to check the key words and knowledge from the word mats throughout the half term.

Science Focus - The Water Cycle

R.E. and PSHE

Harvest Festival 2020

This term, we had to present our Harvest Festival slightly differently. Class 3 found out about the charity Water Aid, and some of the fantastic work is does to provide people in developing countries with clean water. We learnt about "Tippy Taps", which is a resource that the water Aid charity help people to build. We watched a video about a family in Sierra Leone who have a Tippy Tap which they built to provide them with clean water to wash with. We built our own Tippy Taps to demonstrate how they worked. The kind donations of the parents helped us to raise over £200 for Water Aid. 

In R.E during the Spring term we have been learning about "Amazing Saints and Super Heroes". We learnt about the difference between a saint and a hero, what a person would have to do to become a saint, and discussed where we would look to find images of saints. We learnt about some saints, including Mother Theresa, Saint Wiliam of York and the patron saints of great Britain. We also discussed what makes a hero, and we talked in depth about Desmond Tutu and William Wilberforce and how their actions made them heroes, and then some of our favourite present-day heroes such as the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, Marcus Rashford and Kamala Harris.

Reading Books

While we endeavour to try to hear children read weekly in class, it is vitally important that they have the opportunity to read at home at least three times a week. When you have heard your child read, please update their reading record in the back of their diary. We can then make sure their books are changed on a regular basis to ensure they progress through the reading levels.

Home Learning.

Children are set weekly homework in line with our new homework policy. Homework is usually set on Wednesday and should be completed and handed in on the following Monday. The homework may be given as a paper copy, or set electronically on Seesaw. If your child needs a replacement QR code please ask. Each week children will be expected to complete the following:

  • Read to an adult – this can be independent reading books from school, a book from home or a book from a library. 
  • Learning times tables – when it comes to times tables speed and accuracy are important, Times Tables Rock Stars is a fun and challenging online programme designed to help children master their times tables. Each child in class 3 has their own TTRockstars password.
  • English or maths task – this will be sent home or posted on Seesaw each week.

Children may also be asked to complete a project linked to the current class topic that they will present to their classmates. This will be set a few weeks in advance so that the children have time to research and prepare their projects.