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Estimating the length of the football pitch, measuring it three times, calculating the average and converting the measurement into different units.


It's that time of year again when schools from the East Ridings compete in a maths, DT, art and teamwork challenge to create a festive brand of chocolates.

The brief this year also included a charity aspect. Six primary schools gathered at York University and they were split into over fifty groups. All the children from Year 5 and 6 worked effectively, the teamwork was outstanding and the results were amazing. One team from Bugthorpe won the top prize with top marks in all areas! Well done to Barnaby, Leo, Will and Ewan!

CLASS 4 - SO FAR IN 2019/20

A busy year so far in Class 4 - so busy, not much time to take photos! In the pics below we have children reading temperatures for a maths/science lesson, the creation of our class 'Parthenon' and parts of our class assembly involving a live science experiment. Do you think Mr Holtby 'won'?

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