Church Of England Primary School

Stephenwath Lane, Bugthorpe, York, East Yorkshire, YO41 1QQ

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Our New School Badge and Signs

Our New School Signs

We have some new signage at school, which shares what we are all about. As a church school, our vision is the most important part of us and it tells you ‘who we are’ and ‘how we live’. It is important to embed this vision with all stakeholders. Every decision we make should focus on our school visions and it needs to be lived out and not ‘laminated’. Our signs will help the children to remember what we are striving to achieve; we treat all children as unique individuals made in God’s image, and passionately want our children to ‘follow their pathway’ in life and to ‘grow with confidence’, whilst in our loving school families. Proverbs (Sutton) teaches us that if you guide a child down the right path, they will continue to follow it when they are older, and will contribute positively to society. Matthew (Bugthorpe) shows us that the seeds will only grow and flourish in the correct environment, with God’s help. This too links to the right ‘pathway’ in life – the best place to grow and develop.

We want all our children to thrive and flourish and have a love of life. The Church of England’s Vision for Education is based on John 10:10 – living life in all its fullness. We certainly believe our own school visions compliment this. Confidence, certainly helps play its part along the journey.


Our New Badge

We are delighted to introduce our new school badge, which was designed by one of our Class 4 pupils! At Bugthorpe, we have four team point teams, which the children belong to – bumblebees, grasshoppers, dragonflies and ladybirds. They are encapsulated into the Church of England cross. We hope to launch this badge onto our September 2021 uniform.