Bugthorpe and Sutton upon Derwent C of E Federation


What do you already know? What do you want to find out? What have you learnt?

There are many Educational Advisors out there, but we are inspired by the late Sir Ken Robinson. He promotes creativity and curiosity; excited children with their hand up, engaged in learning a broad curriculum. Being led by the pupils, but harnessing their imaginations through topics to cover the National Curriculum. At Bugthorpe and Sutton Upon Derwent C of E Federation, we are very passionate about enquiry-based learning, where the children are exposed to questions, and encouraged to ask questions themselves that we can investigate further too. We will be using Focus Education as our main driver. This scheme covers topics through key questions e.g. Y5/6 – What would a journey through your body be like? We will approach our topics in a very cross-curricular way, linking lots of subjects together to embed knowledge and skills. Staff are more than confident that all of the children will flourish and be inspired to achieve their full potential like our school visions celebrate. Linking with certain topics, parents will be sent home a ‘knowledge mat’. This will provide you with the key vocabulary and ‘sticky knowledge’ that the children need to learn for their topic – a useful tool to support your child with learning at home. Each class will study a new topic each half term and we hope to link our school trips to these too, throughout the year. We are also passionate about Outdoor Learning, and employ an Environmental Officer who teaches gardening and outdoor learning to the classes each week.


Our Curriculum Intent

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Bugthorpe Church of England Primary School

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