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ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

ELSAs are specialist teaching assistants who have been trained to support children with emotional difficulties. We provide children with a quiet place to explore difficult feelings. 

What the children think

"I like going to see Mrs Cox because she makes it fun."

" I really enjoy this group because we get to do interesting activities and we get to know each other."

"Friendship group = Amazing, Fun, Friends, Fantastic, Activities, Believe." 

"We always do different activities."

"I like the way Mrs Cox teaches us."

"I love friendship group because it helps me to be sensible."

"I enjoy the activities and games in friendship group."


Useful links and resources

http://www.elsa-support.co.uk - The ELSA support website is full of resources and advice. There is a parent section which provides some free resources and some.


Some of my favourite resources.

ELSA sessions are designed to provide support and encouragement with different emotional needs.

Self - esteem

Anger management 

Friendship group

Social skills


Loss and Bereavement 

ELSA sessions are there to offer support for the children but are not designed to fix the problem. We aim to build a strong relationship with the children and provide them with a safe and comfortable environment to explore their feelings and to share honesty. 

ELSA does not offer a short term solution, this support takes time and for more complex or long term difficulties, it would be unrealistic to expect an ELSA to resolve all of the problems. 

ELSAs have continuous support and development from Educational Psychologists and the school Educational Psychologist is there to help offer support on more complex cases. 



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